(For non-roleplayers, the double parentheses ((like this)) denotes OOC – Out Of Character text.  Everything else is considered IC – In Character.)

((I’m posting this story here as a free sample of my writing, and I hope you’ll be impressed enough to click on the link to my original novels.  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* Like, this one: Sorcerer’s Vendetta.

Really, I just enjoy this character and his story, so even though I’ll never make a dime writing about him, I can’t quite let go of him!

Update:  Now that Amazon has come out with Kindle Worlds, there’s the possibility of PUBLISHING FAN FICTION!  If  SOE, the creator of Everquest II and the world of Norrath, licenses to Amazon… *crosses fingers*

This is free because it’s a work of fan fiction, based in the world of Norrath, in Everquest II.  Most people write about their characters in journal form, but I wanted to write in third person, my strong suit, so I came up with a different way to cover Rakhanar’s ramblings.  Rakhanar starts off this story unable to read and write, so someone else has to be his scribe.

Feel free to connect with these characters if you should happen to run across them in the realms.  You might just find yourself in one of the stories here!   I’ll send you a copy first to get your stamp of approval — no nasty surprises in public, no worries!

If you find this format a little difficult to navigate, here’s  a link  to get you straight to the first chapter:  “1 – Flight from Faydwer”

To get back on your own, click on the February 2013 Archive.  It will open to the LAST post I made in that month, so SCROLL DOWN until you see “1- Flight from Faydwer”  Click on that TITLE.  That will start you at the beginning, and when you get to the end, you’ll see a red navigation title for the 2nd post.  Enjoy! ))

You find this novel in a nook in one of your favorite taverns. Having heard good things about this author and his works, you open it and begin to read:

Author’s Note: I met this young man in New Halas and immediately saw his potential as the subject of an epic adventure. With my wizardly powers, I can watch him unseen, from the shadows, and scry into his surface thoughts. This makes for quite an interesting viewpoint! Don’t tell HIM that, though…

This is not the real beginning to Rakhanar’s story, but what I picked up from his memories is a little more private. I may be enticed to share, however. With the right motivation. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in seeing a little more “in-depth” story…

So, without further ado… Enjoy!

~ Diaman Darshan, Wizard of Wildfire and Shadow Walker Wordsmith  ((a/k/a “The Real Me” ))

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9 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. What a wonderful concept! As a fan of fantasy fiction and fantasyland/realm of faerie in general (as a broad sense of anything remotely magical and mythical), I would like to share some feedback. 1. interesting idea about using a character from an RPG and not the first, much of TSR/wizards of the coast campaign worlds (Greyhaw for dungeons & dragons, Fearun for Forgotten Realms and Krynn for Dragonlance) literature starts this way and it is a great source of content. I like that you must already have a good inkling of where you are going with this due to your love of your player character. 2. I love the idea of a scribe accompanying and/or relaying back the chronicles of the character’s adventures (I think David gemmel’s ‘Druss the legend’ travelled with a saga poet). I might try that sometime in my own storytelling, excellent concept! 3. nice idea of asking others to interact from your roleplaying world, could be a huge help and i love the idea of a shared world (Dragonlance started nearly thirty years ago with a group of friends round a gaming table and has now spawned more than a hundred novels and as many gaming products so who knows where this may lead for you?). Best of luck with this, I’ll be following. I hope this has been constructive as I never mean to offend, keep smiling and keep writing,
    Kieran (Baldy) 🙂

  2. Just read chapter three, some good scene setting and intresting concepts for what I assume are ‘non-player characters’. I liked the descriptive narration of the tapestries and particularly liked the idea of the living mosaic. I had always thought the notion of a ‘moving picture’ (art that has a life of its own) to be engaging but never thought of a piece that was actually living, very cool. It is something I would hear more of, is the mosaic sentient (i.e. have a personality, emotions/feelings)? It would be mega if it reacted to its surroundings, like defend itself under a percieved threat, maybe lash out if someone came too near? Just an idea. Good stuff, I’ll let you know what i think of the next chapter when I read it. Keep smiling and keep writing, Baldy 🙂

  3. Wow. This is the first time someone has focused on the tapestries! I thought the guild hall design and theme was excellent, but the Elements guild was not my creation. The only NPCs in the story so far are the trapper on the pier, the halfling female who buys all the odds-and-ends and the ratonga broker. The rest are other players: Carroway, Lord Toran, and Shialli are player characters. Vonotar is an alt of Lord Toran, who was “double-boxing.” (For the uninitiate, playing with two accounts or two computers simultaneously.)

    It’s always fun seeing where my creations take off in other people’s minds to completely unexpected realms!

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