About the Author

My name is Sarah S. Ray, and I am a former literary agent. I also do editing and ghostwriting.

I am also a minister, a channel (sometimes, not great at it!) and an empathic healer.

Yep, I can see the eyebrows going up at that second one now. And third?

Currently, I’m working on several novel series.  The first is available on Amazon, here:


Please, please, review and rate for me!  If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to let me know. One nice thing about e-books is that it’s REALLY easy to make changes!



10 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. i just read chapters one and two, liked the idea of a talking unicorn comapnion with a sense of humour, that really worked for me. I am not familliar with the campaign setting (did you say everquest?) so am not sure how much is from the RPG and how much of the backdrop for your story is from your own imagination but I am enjoying it so far. I have some ‘catmen’ in my own mythology (called the AEshanti) so it was cool to see the concept elsewhere. I don’t play computer games often but the graphics you have shared look very impressive and engaging, did you ever try anything in the Might & Magic/Heroes franchises? Good start to the story, well done, I’ll read som more soon. Congratulations on your e-book by the way, I’m impressed 🙂

    • I take license with the details of the world, but generally it all follows the Everquest II creators’ vision. I love the catmen also! I used to play Might & Magic with my son and now ex-husband, but I didn’t know they had an MMORPG with an active RP community?
      And thanks for your congrats! Just trying to drum up more reviews, now. The men like the fast pace, the women like the hot sorcerer and the romance. *smile*

      • Cool, I didn’t know they had an active community either, wish i had time to play that sort of thing and know that I would become addicted to such games if I did! I gave up playing to write more and am glad I did. I miss the fun and the community of like minded fantasy fans but have so much to do with the family that I know my heart lies with my writing when I find alone time so leave other distractions alone 🙂 I’ll read another chapter soon and lend my support. keep smiling, Baldy 🙂

  2. Thanks! True, I haven’t been actually roleplaying for a while. It -did- get too time consuming, but I have a lot of logs to work from if I want to continue the story. I’ve lost a lot of my RP partners to boyfriends and RL, which is perfectly fine, so I’m just continuing the story on my own.

    I appreciate your encouragement! Let me know if you need any help in return. Pass “Sorcerer’s Vendetta” to anyone in your life that you think would enjoy it!

  3. Sarah, I just read chapter four (new hope at the tattered scroll?) and had a smack in the face with the script. are there autobiographical threads in your storytelling? just wondered, considering something we’ve been sharing that is a delicate subject. Your hero’s ‘human’ frailties are quite believable (his rages, drink issues, being fostered with the fae at a young age and especially his thoughts on being able to only govern his rage etc around that one person). Really gave him depth, I am surprised no one else has commented. Characters like this become immensely likeable when your readers can relate to them. I’ll let you know when I read chapter five, good stuff, pal 🙂

    • It’s interesting you should say that … I’ve noticed there seems to be a connection between what I create in a story and my life too, and I’m not the only one. I believe Piers Anthony saw that happening in his life, as he noted in the preface to his “Incarnation” series. But the life event -follows- the writing focus, which is downright creepy, sometimes. Humanity is becoming more aware of our ability to manifest with our emotionally charged thoughts, and writers definitely have to get emotionally charged!

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